Glasvegas are a Mercury nominated Scottish indie rock band from Glasgow. The band consists of James Allan (vocals), Rab Allan (lead guitar), Paul Donoghue (bass guitar) and Jonna Löfgren (drums). Lauded for their unique sound and powerful lyrical content Glasvegas have a fervent and loyal fan base which has saw the band embark on several world tours including a trip to China and to date they have toured North America an unprecedented seven times. The band will be releasing their 3rd album "Later...When The TV Turns To Static" - Summer 2013
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Jonna flew straight from sunny LA paradise to sunny Boden paradise 3 weeks ago. Globetrotter enjoying the sunshine. GV x #boden #sweden #snow #sunny #reindeertaxi

The meerkat and the monkey. GV x #glasvegas2014 #VärstaSpexet

Hang-out session today…making plans, some cool stuff ahead of us. GV x #GV2014

Good memories… San Francisco, California a month ago. GV x #GoldenGateBridge #Glasvegas #NorthAmericanTour2014

Paul is hilarious writing blogs…’So, for the second time of the tour, we left without James.’ And also, the classic: ‘We went for a meal and James regaled us again with the tale of the day he saw a shark in the ocean. Every time he tells it, it gets more outlandish.’ Well written Paul!! GV x #glasvegas #dailyrecord #northamericantour

#Tbt to when we were recording the extras for the DVD. And YES, we made the sweater ourselves… ❤ GV x #glasvegas #weatherman #SkilledActorYao

Craig Ferguson showing the way to the greatest televised performance in entertainment history… #LateLateShow #with #CraigFerguson GV x

GV POWER FOREVER ❤. New York City. GV x #glasvegas

Superimposed but for realz yao… Los Angeles. GV x

Look. GV x

My musings on six of my favourite tracks and why I love them. Hope you enjoy!

Saki. GV x

Wrote first song for new album tonight. “Dive” GV x

First the tide rushes in
Plants a kiss on the shore
Then rolls out to sea
And the sea is very still once more

So, I’ll rush to your side
Like the oncoming tide
With one burning thought
Will your arms open wide

At last we’re face to face
And as we kiss through an embrace
I can tell, I can feel you are love
You are really mine in the rain, in the dark, in the sun

Like the tide at its ebb
I’m at peace in the web of your arms ebb tide. GV x

Looking for Vincent. GV x #Glasvegas