James Allan (vocals), Rab Allan (lead guitar), Paul Donoghue (bass guitar) and Jonna Löfgren (drums) are Glasvegas. This platinum selling, Mercury nominated band enjoy a fervent and loyal fan base around the globe due in no small part to their stunning live performances, unique sound and powerful lyrical content. As of 2014 the band have released three critically acclaimed albums and a mini Christmas album. Their legacy continues...
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Getting closer to finishing the writing of the new album. We will start recording very soon. GV x #Glasvegas #NewTunes #HitsInTheMaking

Thanks to Betty, Rhonda, Lily, Beatrice, Veronica and Diana for a wonderful night out. GV x

Behind the scenes… Paul is being funny again. GV x #glasvegas #videoshoot

We’re gonna be rockin out on 21st of December in Glasgow. It’s gonna be special. Can’t wait to play some old and NEW TUNES for you people!! GV x #glasvegas #oldfruitmarket #gvpower

#Tbt to a happy walk down the streets of Karlstad, Sweden. ‘Every night is a Saturday night when you’re in #Glasvegas’. 👊 GV x

We don’t need roads. GV x

This is what the new album is sounding like. We will start announcing some details of it soon. GV xxxxxxxxxx !

Andy Willsher Gallery. London. GV x

NEW VIDEO OUT SOON PEOPLE!!! GV x #Magazine #NiagaraFalls #Glasvegas #LaterWhenTheTVTurnsToStatic

We are very happy to announce the support act for our show in Glasgow 21st of December.
Their talent is unmistakable and we just LOOOOOVE this duo from Sweden!!
They are releasing their debut album during this autumn and we can’t wait to have them over for our christmas gig.
Check them out when they did a cover of Euphoria, Take My Hand here:

We will be releasing a video for Magazine. Out soon. GV x #Glasvegas #Magazine

We went to Ecuador to hang out with a tribe in the deepest rainforest. 


We played some music with them and got a look into their lives during the time we spent there. 

This was all filmed and is turning into a documentary which will be aired on WATCH in 2015.

We have some amazing memories from this trip and we are really looking forward to sharing some of them with you guys!!!

#singingintherainforest #amazon #ecuador

GV x

Get your tix for our Glasgow show, 21st of December. GV x #OldFruitMarket #GVPower #Glasvegas

GV x

We got some wind for the sail boat. GV x